Slot Shots Raceway and Hobby
The Charlotte area's largest parts store for 1/24th and 1/25th scale slot cars

6th Annual King of the Hill
November 7-9, 2014

Friday 11/7 - Open at Noon, Racing begins at 6pm

Race #1 - 1.190 Index
$4 Entry/ 6 entry max/ 80% Payback 
No Light and No Buybacks

Race #2 - 1.090 Index
$4 Entry/ 6 entry max/ 80% Payback
No Light and No Buybacks

Shuffletown Shootout

Race #3 - Top Dragster 
1.050 or quicker. 
Must be rail dragster or center drive roadster. 
Open cockpit or canopy allowed on rails. 
$4 Entry/ $1 Light/ $2 Buyback/ 80% Payback

Race #4 - Top Sportsman
 1.100 or quicker. 
Hard body car/trucks only. 
No styrene or lexan bodies. 
$4 Entry/ $1 Light/ $2 Buyback/ 80% Payback

Race #5 - Shuffletown Quick 8 Bracket Challenge
Top 4 Fastest ET's from Top Dragster and and Top 4 Fastest ET's from Top Sportsman are automatically entered in this race. 
Race within your class first (Top Sportsman vs Top Sportsman and Top Dragster vs Top Dragster) to get the winner of each of the 4. 
Winners of each then race each other for the Quick 8 Winner. 
Winner gets rolling VRC Rail and plaque. 
No Entry Fee for this race. 
Only way in is to race and be fastest in Top Dragster or Top Sportsman race.

Saturday 11/8 - Open at 8am - Racing begins at 11am

Chassis Chase
$20 entry/ No Light/ No Buyback/ 100% Payback
32 Entries on bracket
Winner gets VRC rail, 50% of Payback and Plaque
Runner up gets 30% of Payback
Semi's get 10% of Payback each

King of the Hill Bracket
$5 Entry/20 entry max/ $1 Light/ $2 Buyback
90% Payback if 399 entries or less
100% Payback if over 400 entries

Slot Shots is now accepting
credit cards and PayPal
for your slot car purchases! 

Feel free to contact us for any of your slot car parts needs. 
If we don't have it, we'll work to get it!


Drag Racers!!!

Perfect Light Bonus will be reset to 
for Saturday night's race.

Can you be the first one to cut a perfect light (.0000) and claim this bonus during the race?

Come on out and take your shot!


 Welcome to Slot Shots Raceway and Hobby.  We offer a large line of model car kits.  WE have the largest selection of 1/24th and 1/25th scale slot car parts in the Charlotte area.  Here are our tracks:
1/24th scale Dragstrip.  The scale equivilant of a 1/4 mile drag strip. Each lane has its own independent power supply and capacitor to keep the maximum voltage to each lane.  The timing system allows for bracket racing and heads up racing.  Just like a real dragstrip.
Here is our unique Convertible Trioval built by Ogilvie Custom tracks in 1993.  There were only 8 of these tracks ever built.  This is the 2nd largest one.  To my knowledge, this is only 1 of the 2 still running in the US.  From the fast, smooth surface to the resiliency of the walls, this track is nice.  We have 2 power supplies to ensure maximum amperage to each lane without power surges.  What a nice track to race on!

Say Hello to Stanley...Best dog in the world.

We will be open different hours as time and work allows.  Will update on FACEBOOK and here as soon as we know.  Or check our store calendar
Store Hours through September 7 will be:

September 3: Open at 7, $2 Bracket racing at 8
September 4: Open at 7, TriOval racing at 8
September 5:  Open at 7, Open practice night
September 6:  Open at 4, $4 Bracket at 6:30pm
September 7: Open at 3pm, SLMRA Race at 4:30

Store Hours September 10 - 14, 2014

Wednesday open at 7, $2 Bracket race at 8
Thursday open at 7, TriOval racing at 8
Friday open at 7, Open practice night
Saturday - closed for Birthday Party
Sunday, open at 3, TriOval racing at 4:30

Store Address:
3528 Charles Raper Jonas Highway
Stanley, NC 28164
704 222 2392

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